Goldie B.


Terms and Privacy policy of Goldie B.


  1. All content, including logo and product names are sole property of Goldie B., LLC., and none shall be reproduced or distributed.

  2. We work to ensure your private information is never shared. Please help us protect your information by taking a few simple precautions. Sign off all computers, and never use any public computers to purchase products. Be careful when entering information (it's best to enter it some place private, like your home). Log off all computers when finished with your order.

  3. Goldie B., LLC. is not responsible for stolen credit card information or malicious intent by a third party.

  4. You understand that our products may come in contact with nuts, nut oils, and other ingredients that have been known to cause allergic reactions to very few individuals. Please read all ingredient decks. Goldie B., LLC. is not responsible for any allergies or reactions to our products.

  5. We reserve the right to change ingredient decks, packaging, etc. at any time due to manufacturer concerns or distribution issues. All current ingredient decks can be found on our website.

  6. All products are NET weight.

  7. Pregnant or nursing women agree to check with their physician before using any product from Goldie B., LLC.

  8. If you purchase a Goldie B. product from a retailer or website NOT listed on our site, you understand it is most likely a fake product and may contain harmful ingredients. Goldie B., LLC. is not responsible for purchases made from retailers not listed on our site.

  9. You understand all products are made by hand in our work kitchens, therefore each bottle may be slightly different.

  10. You understand that you are responsible for monitoring your children if they use our products. Goldie B., LLC. is not responsible for reactions or allergies due to children using our products. All Goldie B. products are formulated for adults, unless otherwise specified.

  11. Our products are not for use on pets.

  12. You agree to, and will read directions on each product purchased, and follow all directions (and use common sense) to avoid misuse.

  13. You have read and understand our RETURN policy.

  14. Orders placed, no matter the quantity, will be processed within 24-48 hours. Orders cannot be reversed once submitted. Any valid credit card will be accepted.

  15. Digital gift card codes cannot be retrieved if lost or stolen.

  16. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who has committed an unlawful act on our website or anyone displaying malicious intent.

  17. We will not share private information unless we are required to by law.